Goals for 2019!

Is it just me or is every year going by faster and faster? I cannot believe that it is already 2019!! The best part about it thought that there are 365 days and 365 chances to do what you love and what makes you happy. I always try to set some kind of goals for the year ahead and usually a lot of those have to do with travel.

So here we are again, 2019 is upon us and below are some of my goals for the year. Hopefully they inspire you to create some of your own as well.

2019 Goals

Professional Goals

More IG Stories – I said this before and I will say it again, I suck at doing stories. I love looking at others and engaging with other people on their stories, but somehow can not get my self to post more. So, this year I am going to try to set a goal of at least doing one story a week, to get in the habit of it and then picking it up more often as the weeks go by.

Revamp my website – I want to take this year to focus more on my blog and make it look more professional. I am looking to add more sections to it, make it look cleaner, and update it more often.

Travel Goals

Explore more of Chicago – now that I have been living here a few months, I really want to venture out more and see more of the city.

One out of country trip – this is already planned so I am already making progress on this goal but maybe I can add another to the list :). I will be making my first trip of 2019 to Mexico for my birthday and cannot wait to share the experience with you guys.

One in country trip – this will also be ticked off because of two bachelorette parties, but I am hoping to take another one for leisure as well. On the top of my list are: Nantucket, somewhere in Oregon, New Orleans, and Disney (I still have never been).

One solo trip – I have always wanted to do a solo trip. It is something that is out of my comfort zone, so I am really hoping to accomplish this one this year.

Personal Goals

Exercise more and eat healthier – I feel like this is always everyone’s new years resolution/goal, but I have let my fitness down a bit in the past year. I am just trying to come back up to speed and do some form of exercise at least once a week and eat better in order to make my body feel and look better.

Take better care of my skin – now this is not to say that I do not take good care of my skin, but I want to put more effort into my skin and body routine. There are times when I get lazy and decide that other things are more important than taking care of myself.

Make more time for myself – to add on to skin routine, I want to also make more time for myself. I am always on the go and overbook myself with plans most of the time, so I just want to take more me time and plan less. This year is a lot about taking more time for myself and concentrating on me vs other people all the time.

Miscellaneous Goals

Finish a series of a show – for anyone that personally knows me, they know that I have show problem. I have this tendency to watch a million shows at one time, which then makes me behind on everything and I can’t ever catch up/finish a show. So, I am hoping to at least finish one series this year which sounds easy, but for me it might take a whole year haha.

Read at least 3 books this year – I love buying books and bookstores in general, but when it actually comes to reading those, I definitely slack in that department. I am definitely better than I was before, but I am hoping to at least read three books this year and spend more time reading vs being on my phone/computer.

Those are just a few things I am hoping to work on and concentrate on this year. I will do a middle of the year review to update you guys about where I am at and to also make sure I keep myself accountable.

Let me know your thoughts? Do you have similar goals as well? How do you go about sticking to them and make sure to actually accomplish your goals?

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

2018 Travel Goals and Why They Should Be Yours Too

Happy 2018!

There is just something refreshing about a new year. 365 new days…365 new chance. Although many people have all kinds of different goals, mine always have something to do with travel.

Below are 4 travel goals I want to work towards this year and why they should be yours too:

Goal One: Travel More
Now this may be an obvious one but traveling makes you grow so much more than people realize, so this isn’t just for the fun of it. It has a lot to do with you as a person. Now I can’t explain the travel bug feeling, it is just something you have to experience yourself, but trust me when I say the more you travel the more you will want to. Visiting another city or country makes you see the world in a different way. When you are stuck in the same place constantly, all you know is the few feet you see in front of you. That is why I encourage everyone to take at least one trip a year. This does not have to be some expensive luxurious trip to Bora Bora or something over the top. Drive a few hours to a town near you and sit down at a small cafe and take it all in. Just being in a different vicinity will give you a new perspective on things and opens your mind up to so much more that is out there. So my biggest goal for this year is to travel more and experience all this planet has to offer one destination at a time.


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