Euro Trip: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is a new country filled with beautiful sights and lots to do. I may be more biased when talking about it because I do have family that lives here. For those of you that do not know; I was born in Croatia, but most of my family lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But nevertheless it is a country filled with rich history and some amazing destinations. I wanted  to share some that are near and dear to my heart, so if you ever find your self in these places you have some insight on them.


Prijedor – I was just recently in this city celebrating my grandpas 80th birthday. It is where my dad grew up and that whole side of the family resides. This city is getting renovated more and more each year and you can find more and more to do every time you visit. Although, it is not a vast tourist destination, the summer is filled with locals and tourists from surrounding areas, so if you are looking for a little more of an outgoing experience, that would be the best time to go. 

There is a beautiful river called Sana that you can swim in, in the summer and spend all day soaking up the sun. Or put on your walking shoes and head downtown for some shopping, coffee and delicious eats. At night, make sure to hit up the many cafes and clubs that are around town.

Also make sure to visit Kozara National Park. This is probably one of my favorite parts about being in Prijedor and all though it is about a 30 minute drive or so, it is absolutely stunning. I have been in the summer and the fall and I cannot begin to explain how beautiful it is. In the summer it is filled with lush green forest and stunning views. In the fall, the leaves start falling and changing colors and it is just breathtaking. If you go during the winter then you can find yourself in a winter wonderland, accompanied by skiing and snowboarding. There is also a hotel that you can stay at, just make sure you book in advance in the winter because it gets crowded due to the snow sports.

Another great day trip or weekend trip is to go see Banja Luka (about 45 mins out), which is a bigger city filled with a lot more to do. You can spend the day shopping in the center and getting some of the best cevapi (a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of kebab) you will ever have. Banja Luka has some of the best, so if you find yourself there; it is a must! In the summer, you can enjoy many outdoor concerts and all year round a vibrant nightlife. 


Bliha Waterfall – about an hour out of Prijedor, is a beautiful waterfall as well. Going in the fall was perfect because there was literally no one there. It is more of a popular spot to go to in the summer. The only downside is you get less of the waterfall vs when you go in the summer, but it is still gorgeous. 


Mostar is in the other region of the country called Herzegovina and also my mom’s hometown (I am lucky, I know! I get to have family in the most beautiful places). It is a vibrant city filled with rich history and it is well known for the Stari Most or the Old Bridge in English. The old town is filled with cobbled stone streets, tons of restaurants, and shops. If you are lucky enough, you can even catch the jumping competitions. Mostar’s bridge is a popular spot for divers, but do not try the jump if you are not a skilled diver because it is pretty dangerous.

Now, that is not all Mostar has to offer. It is filled with lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops in the downtown area as well. And the nightlife here is amazing! From underground clubs, to pool clubs, you will be pleasantly surprised with the nightlife scene here. 

Blagaj – a tiny village right next to Mostar, is one of the most magical places you will see. It is so uniquely pretty and has tons of restaurants that you can sit and enjoy the river views.

Pocitelj – another village near Mostar that is a great stop for some walking around for an hour or two. The historic urban site is a walled town dating all the way back to the sixteenth century. It is about a 20 minute drive from Mostar, and great spot to get some great views and exercise by climbing to the top.

Kravice Waterfall – a couple hours out of Mostar, you will find a beautiful waterfall. Not only, do you get to see all the waterfalls there, you are allowed to swim in the water as well, so it is the perfect way to cool off a bit in the hot summer days. Once done, hang out at one of the cafes and soak in the views.

I am fortunate enough to have family to visit across the seas, although, I do wish they lived closer so I could visit them more often. But that just makes each visit that much more special and on top of it I always have beautiful places to see.

Do you have family that lives far away from you? Let me know in the comments where in the world they are?

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

San Francisco: The Golden Gate City

San Francisco is a city filled with breathtaking views and fun vibes. It is the perfect place to go for a weekend or even a couple of days, and you will never be bored. The city has that downtown, coastal and small town feel which can be hard to find in a single location. There are so many things to experience; from outdoor activities, to historical sites, to amazing food… San Francisco has it all.


I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite things to do and some others that I will definitely be hitting up next time I am in San Francisco. Check them out:

Golden Gate Bridge – this is kind of a given, it is the staple of the city and it is just a must see.

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Girls Weekend Guide: Denver

Denver has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It seems to fit my outdoorsy personality, so I knew it was a place I wanted to visit. Although, it was a pretty short trip, I know I will be back again to explore more. Denver proved to be a perfect weekend getaway, especially with my friends. It offers so much for you to do and it is such a fun place for a girls weekend trip.

A guide to a Girls Weekend Getaway:


Where to Stay: 
Stay in the Arts District because it is close to everything and it is a quirky place to be. It is close to bars, restaurants, and about a 25-30 minute drive from the airport. Rent out an Airbnb and enjoy the comfort of having a bigger place to yourself. We all know that us girls need lots of space to get ready, so when you have a bunch of girls stuck in a hotel room with only one bathroom, it makes things a lot harder. Just make sure to think of your luggage because just like a hotel the Airbnb does have certain check in and check out times, and unlike a hotel, you cannot have the front desk hold your luggage. My friends and I ran into a bit of trouble with this because it totally slipped our minds, but we totally made it work. Before check in, we just left our luggage at the brunch place we were at, and at check out we went to a hotel and asked them to hold it for a few hours, but hopefully this can be coordinated with your host instead.

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New York State of Mind

Ahhh the city that never sleeps…New York, New York ❤


New York is just one of those places you have to see for yourself. Not only is it a world-wide known destination; it is filled with so much to do that you could never be bored.

Now if you are a first timer and not a big city person, then you might be a bit overwhelmed and it might be a scary thought to plan a trip to NYC. Being from Chicago, it is just another big city for me, but when I say big…I really mean it. It is impossible to get through everything in one weekend, but also a weekend is the perfect amount of time as well because you know you will be back.

The city sucks you in somehow and leaves you with wanting more of it, so book that ticket you will not regret it.


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Skiing in the Midwest

Ski season is almost over which means you need to get your butt in gear and check out these fun ski spots in the Midwest. Do not worry, if you cannot make it this year; there is always next year :).

Now the Midwest is not really known for mountain fun, and simply because we do not have any “real” mountains over here. For a girl who loves the mountains just as much as I love the beach, this has become a bit of a challenge. But I did find some spots that are still good enough to get your fix in and are a lot of fun.

There are a lot more spots out in the Midwest to check out and there are still a few more on my list that I am hoping to knock out next year. Below are the ones that I have been to so far and enjoyed:

Alpine Valley (Elkhorn, Wisconsin)


Alpine is the perfect place for beginners. It has a beginners only pass which is really nice for those that want to learn and are not comfortable hitting some of the harder slopes yet. It is cheaper as well so it is a win win. On the other hand, for those that are more expert, you get to utilize the whole mountain and head over to the non-beginner slopes. Another great thing about Alpine is that it has a resort on site, which is perfect for those that want to stay and ski for a few days.

Cascade Mountain (Portage, Wisconsin)


This is one of my faves. It is perfect for all levels and has a lot of good runs. A lot of the mountains around the Midwest are not as challenging, so this one makes it a perfect destination for those that are thrill seekers. It is also a couple of minutes away from the Dells, making it the perfect vacation getaway. You get to enjoy some awesome water parks and the perks of hitting the slopes all in one trip.

Christmas Mountain ( Wisconsin Dells)


Another mountain right by the Dells that is less crowded than the popular Cascade Mountain. The great part about Christmas Mountain is that it has a resort as well, unlike Cascade. It is smaller but it is very suitable for those that want to be in a more relaxed environment and enjoy resort amenities.

Grand Geneva ( Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)


Lake Geneva has many perks in the summer and is such a great place for a day trip or weekend getaway. But come winter, you get to experience all the awesome snow activities. It is a great place for beginners as well, as it offers quite a few easy runs. The best part of this resort is the town itself, there is a lot to do, so it is perfect for those that want to experience other things as well.

Granite Peak (Wausau, Wisconsin)

granite peak

This is my favorite ski area that I have been to so far in the Midwest. It has over 70 runs and it is the most advanced for the area. The intermediate levels here can be compared to some expert in the other places I have mentioned. Be sure to look at the trail map before hand and start at the easy ones just to get some exposure if you haven’t done a lot of skiing in the past. Granite Peak has a lot of areas to it making it the perfect place for all levels and it tends to be less crowded on the harder trails. Another great part is that it offers ski and stay packages and you get better deals if you go for more than one day and you should! The downtown area is really cute and there is a lot to see and do. It is a great place to head out to with a group of friends and spend a weekend filled with pow and good times.

Wilmot Mountain (Wilmot, Wisconsin)


Wilmot is another great spot especially for beginners. It is newly renovated and is now associated with EPIC which gives you access to some of the best ski resorts out west such as Vail and Whistler. This pass is perfect for those that want to have a place close to home to go to a lot but also take trips out west to go skiing.

The best part is that a lot of them have end of the season deals now or early bird deals for next year, so make sure to check them out asap!

What is your favorite place to ski/snowboard in the Midwest? Let me know in the comments or send me a message, would love to have more to add-on my list 🙂

Also…I realized from these pictures, I need a new ski jacket haha 

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

Tulum Vibes

I can not even begin to express how in love I am with Tulum. I have seen a couple of Instagram pictures before heading over there and was thinking the place was beautiful. But with Instagram and any pictures in general you are usually taking pictures of the good stuff, but believe me when I tell you every single place in Tulum is absolutely magical and I am obsessed with it now.

I am sitting here writing this post and getting lost in my thoughts thinking of all the incredible places I have seen there. I decided to highlight some of my favorites and my experiences in Tulum. I am not sure if I will even be able to explain it because this is a destination that you just need to go and visit.

photo (11)

Tulum is a city located about an hour and half from Cancun, so it is a bit of a drive to get here. I recommend getting a shuttle beforehand, so that you are not wasting your time trying to get one at the airport and being bombarded by all the vendors.

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Las Vegas Destination Guide

Las Vegas…it is either your worst nightmare or you absolutely love it. I feel like there is not too much of an in between when it comes to this one. Personally, I think Vegas is great. There is so much to do, it is full of life, and you can never be bored but you can go home broke, so be careful haha 😉

I have visited Vegas a few times and have compiled a few of my favorite places and suggestions for first timers embarking on the craziness that is Sin City and for those that just keep on coming back and want to explore more.

photo (9)

Where to stay:
I have stayed at a few of the resorts and below is a snap shot of the ones I liked and their vibes:

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2018 Travel Goals and Why They Should Be Yours Too

Happy 2018!

There is just something refreshing about a new year. 365 new days…365 new chance. Although many people have all kinds of different goals, mine always have something to do with travel.

Below are 4 travel goals I want to work towards this year and why they should be yours too:

Goal One: Travel More
Now this may be an obvious one but traveling makes you grow so much more than people realize, so this isn’t just for the fun of it. It has a lot to do with you as a person. Now I can’t explain the travel bug feeling, it is just something you have to experience yourself, but trust me when I say the more you travel the more you will want to. Visiting another city or country makes you see the world in a different way. When you are stuck in the same place constantly, all you know is the few feet you see in front of you. That is why I encourage everyone to take at least one trip a year. This does not have to be some expensive luxurious trip to Bora Bora or something over the top. Drive a few hours to a town near you and sit down at a small cafe and take it all in. Just being in a different vicinity will give you a new perspective on things and opens your mind up to so much more that is out there. So my biggest goal for this year is to travel more and experience all this planet has to offer one destination at a time.


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