What has 2020 Taught me

Well this has been one heck of a year for sure and at the end of the year I usually take the time to reflect back. Even though it has been a crazy year, I figured I would stick to this again this year and take a look back and forward.

Below are my 2020 aspirations I wrote at the beginning of the year and how much progress I made (lol it is not a lot).

Read More – I wanted to read at least 5 books. I have read ONE!! But I am on my second but definitely did not get to finish it. Maybe in 2021 haha.

Blog More – again I wish I could say that I did this but I definitely didn’t. I felt so unmotivated this year but this is something I still want to strive towards.

Healthy Eating/Cooking – I feel like quarantine made me cook more so I can say I definitely did more but as far as healthy eating, it was kind of on and off. Still want to make this a lifestyle but I love eating out way too much 🙈.

Meditation – I started this but I am not there yet. I am still working on integrating this into my everyday life. Now I do it only when I feel anxious but I want to have it become something I do everyday so I can practice gratitude and mindfulness.

Not check my phone in the morning – I was sooooo good about doing this at the start of the year and then quarantine happened. I had nothing to do and so I became more attached to my phone unfortunately. Hoping to bring this into the new year though.

Try a workout class – I can proudly say I did this. I tried out some classes for sure and really enjoyed them. Will definitely continue checking out some more classes in the upcoming year.

Travel to three new place – Well covid really messed up my travel plans this year but I did get to do some traveling thankfully. I made it to Amelia Island in Florida and made it Disney World in Orlando which were both a first for me (prior to covid). I also got to do my annual mother daughter trip with my mom and we went to Tulum which is one of my favorite places. In addition, I got to celebrate my friends wedding in Boulder, Colorado which was also a first. So, despite everything going on, I got to still experience some new places safely which I am super grateful for.

Let’s just say I did not accomplish some of these but who can blame me with the year we had. Never in a million years did I think this year would have gone the way that it did. I was one of those people that said this was going to be my year. I landed a job I worked really hard to get and got laid off a month later. I moved out of the city that I loved and I REALLY did not envision myself being unemployed, living with my parents at the age of 28. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is just not where I thought I would be. But despite all that, I learned a lot and this year really made me adjust my priorities. I wanted to share my perspective on the year and I hope that some of you can relate or find this useful.

What has 2020 taught me:

Make more time for myself

You have the time, you just choose to not put in the time when it comes to yourself. Being unemployed and on lockdown, it made me realize how many hours are in the day and how much you can actually do with your time. Now I did have the benefit of not working so that added a couple of more hours to my day but I just found it interesting how when people were bored they decided to pick up on hobbies or learn new things. I think we got so caught up in our everyday lives that we didn’t make time for things that make us happy. Instead, we would go to work, come home. sit on the couch, go to sleep and wait on the weekend to do something fun. Now this isn’t something everyone was doing, but this made me definitely reflect on how much I didn’t put into myself. I was just always on the go and made excuses when it came time to do things that were for me.

Communicate my feelings more

This year made me realize how shut down I was and how I do not reach out to people or express how I am feeling. I always associated feeling as weakness and I pushed away or held in my feelings which made them build up even more. I learned that it is ok to feel but not stay in your feels. It is important to have awareness. Express and acknowledge your feelings and then let them go. If you allow yourself to feel and process, I promise it feels so much better than holding them like I would.

Sometimes bad things happen to make room for the good things

So many things went wrong this year. I had so many things planned and goals to reach. Overnight, everything went downhill for me, as I assume it did for some others as well. The outcomes of this year, made me step back and revaluate my life and some things that I needed to change. I started realizing how fortunate I really was and some new doors have opened up for me as well. I think this year really helped me realize more of what I wanted and what I am going to need to do to achieve a lifestyle that I want. So if something is not going as planned or the way you want in your life, take a step back and make room for the good things to come in. Patience is a virtue for sure.

Be selective with your time and energy

2020 really tested some peoples relationships this year. I think this year allowed people to see what they wanted within all their relationships. Now I am not talking only about romantic relationships which I feel have been really tested. But on top of that, I think it tested friendships, work relationships and ones with yourself. What I had learned is that if people really wanted to make time for you, treat you well, be there for you, talk to you, then they would. This year gave a lot of people more time and yet it felt like some people became more distant. I do not know about you guys, but I am done with wasting my time and energy on those who do not meet me halfway. This is something I am definitely leaving behind in 2020.

Just because others have it worse, does not mean my story is less valid

Your situation and story is just as important as everyone else’s. It is completely unfair for others to shame people just because someone has it worse. I had trouble with this at the beginning of quarantine because I lost my job and was not sure what I would do. I tried to be really strong because despite all the negative things that happened to me, someone had it worse. And by me ignoring my feelings and my situation, I ended making it worse for myself. It is ok to be upset and allow yourself to accept your situation even when there are people that have it worse. This is just the nature of life, there is always going to be someone that is doing better and someone that is doing worse than you. Your story is yours and is just as important.

2021 Goals:

Do what makes you happy

Really take the time to fully immerse yourself in things that make you happy. Life is short and you will never get your time back. Do what you want, be open, and love with all your heart. Stop caring what others think because at the end of the day they are actually not thinking about you as much as you think they are. People are going to talk about you whether you are doing bad or good, so might as well do what you want.

That is it, that is my only goal. To live my life to the fullest and enjoy the little moments. Life is too short to be anything less than happy ❤

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

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