What To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

Times are a bit different now and I think the unknown is scary. But we have to make the most of the situation during the Corona Virus Pandemic. Since pretty much all of us are stuck at home and it looks like it just keeps extending; I thought I would give some tips and suggestions as to how to best spend your time. I am not a homebody at all, so this time has been pretty hard for me. The best part is that I am learning to slow down and spend more time being at home and having a less hectic life. It is helping me find a balance that I never had.

How To Keep Your Self Busy At Home:

Read – go finally pick up that book on your shelf that you have been wanting to read for the past 3 years now.

Exercise – now this might be a given but I think it is especially more important now than ever. You are spending so much more time on the couch nowadays that it is super important to get moving a bit.

Learn how to cook/make new meals – there are a ton of recipes online that you could learn how to make. And if you are a beginner, just look up something along the lines of “easy 3 ingredient recipes”. That way you don’t have to go out buying random ingredients that you might never use again.

Listen to a podcast – In the past year or so, I have gotten more and more into podcasts. And I am subscribed to too many that I can’t ever catch up but they are perfect to listen to while doing other things or just to kill some time. You can learn something new, be motivated by someone, or just listen to something fun and entertaining.

Check out some of my fave podcast here: Podcasts To Get You Through The Day

Catch up on shows/watch some new movies – between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and some others, there is no shortage of shows and movies to watch. Go watch a a series of movies like Harry Potter or the Jurassic Park if you haven’t before or rewatch them a million times like me. There are a ton of new shows coming out on all these platforms so try something different that you normally don’t go for.

Start/ Work on your side hustle – this is my favorite one because this is the perfect time to reevaluate and figure out if you want a side hustle. I am not saying that it could take off right away during this pandemic but you can learn what will be needed and set yourself up. The hardest struggle I have with my blog/IG was that I was working so I didn’t have as much time in the day to put towards it, and now there should be less complaints.

Clean and reorganize your house – this should be done on the regular anyways but we all don’t do this as much as we would like. Go clean out your closet or go through all the stuff you have been hoarding and will never use ever again. Maybe this will inspire you to do some renovations too, who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Learn how to Tik Tok – this app has become so popular just in the past few months. I mean it has been before too but it was more geared towards Gen Z and now everyone is hopping on the Tik Tok train. It is fun to make videos and even more fun to watch all the creators out there.

Learn a new skill – there are so many resources out there that you can finally learn something you have always wanted but never had the time to. Use Youtube or find online classes to enhance your skills. A lot of places are offering free classes now too so make use of this while you still can.

Play some games – boards games, video games, card games, etc. There are endless amounts out there so why not use this time to spend some quality time with those that you are quarantined with and bring out those old games. If you are alone, find some new games on your phone or online that you can play with friends.

Catch up with friends and family – call up that old college roommate or the friend that moved out of town or just check in with some relatives. I think our lives are sometimes so hectic that we don’t stop to think how others are doing so this is the perfect time to start doing so.

Have a spa day – we always talk about how we are so busy and do not have time to take care of ourselves; well here is your opportunity. Draw yourself a bath, put on a face mask, grab some champagne and strawberries and get into relaxation mode.

These are just a few suggestions and recommendations that have kept me busy. Hope you find some use with this not only during this time but in the future as well. I would love to hear what you have been up to. Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

xoxo – Dre <3

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  1. Travel is my therapy too and I try to keep myself sane by reading and eating healthy and my four year old daughter sure knows how to keep the on my toes! Although I haven’t learned ho to bake bread or learned a new language, we are safe and healthy and that’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing and inspiring πŸ˜€ Aiva

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