Podcasts To Get You Through The Day

I have been meaning to do a post about some podcasts I listen to for a while now. Since times are a bit different now and we are pretty much quarantined in our houses; what better time to show you some of my faves than now.

My favorite way to listen to podcasts is while doing other things which seems counter productive but I think it helps since I cannot just sit there and listen to one. I love listening while drinking my morning coffee, on my commute to work or while cooking or getting ready to go out. Below is a list of some of my faves right now.

Favorite Podcasts Right Now


U up? – this podcast is hilarious. It brings to light all the modern dating struggles we face and it has both a female and male perspective to things.

The Ladies Coach – this is for all my ladies out there. The show talks about dating and relationships and gives some great advice.


Crime Junkie – although a bit weird, I find crime so fascinating. Crime Junkie takes you to some chilling stories and some are even unsolved to this day so it keeps you wondering.

My Favorite Murder – this has more of a humor to it which is refreshing when it comes to talking about really depressing and unimaginable crimes.


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her – this show is super lighthearted and yet you get to learn so much from husband and wife, Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick. No topic is untouched and you get to learn so much from this duo.

Press Send with Chinae Alexander – Chinae brings many awesome guests on to talk about all kinds of things. It brings a lot of different point of views with various topics making each episode that much better.


The School of Greatness – I can’t say enough about this podcast. You learn some great motivational tools and it really puts a lot of things into perspective. A must!

On Purpose with Jay Shetty – you might have heard about Jay Shetty, but if you haven’t you are missing out big time. Jay brings on some amazing guests to talk about their life stories. It is such an uplifting podcast that will get you hooked right away.


Her Life By Design – one of my favorite bloggers and the reason why I took the step to get started within blogging was because of Christina Galbato. She now has a podcast which I was super ecstatic to hear. Not only does she do so much for her followers but now she created a platform where we can continue to learn about the business from the best in the industry.

Listen Money Matters – this podcast is not only funny but super helpful if you want to get a better understanding on money. It gives you helpful tips on how to get into a better financial situation and how to be more mindful with your spending.


The Basement Yard – if you heard of Joe Santagato then you most likely have heard of the Basement Yard. Joe Santagato started out on YouTube and is hilarious. He has created a podcast where he talks about anything and everything. It does have more of a guys point of view on it, but I still find it entertaining.

These are just a few that I am loving right now but there are so many more that I listen to. If you would like more suggestions, please let me know 🙂 What are you all listening to these days? Tell me your faves in the comments!

XoXo – Dre ❤

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