Another Year Older: 28 Things I Have Learned So Far

Another year has come and gone and here I am about to celebrate my 28th birthday. I am so blessed and grateful to be where I am today but if I was writing this 10 years ago, I know my younger self has imagined things would be way different. The best part of all of this, is the fact that I am learning day by day and I truly believe there are so many good things in store for my future. To me, age is just a number, your value is dependent on how you view and carry yourself not the amount of years you have lived.

Below are 28 things I have learned so far and I hope they bring some value and wisdom to you all.

  1. You do not have to be in the same place in your life as other people your age. Stop making comparisons.
  2. Things are not going to go the way you planned but everything happens the way it is supposed to.
  3. You don’t have to fight for friendships that no longer serve you.
  4. Not every relationship is going to turn out the same; stop putting them all in the same category and open your self up to new possibilities.
  5. You don’t have to be married, or be in a relationship, or have a house, or have a perfect career because society tells you to.
  6. It is okay to feel; it is not a sign of weakness.
  7. You can and should say no without feeling bad about it.
  8. Caring about your health, body and mind is really important.
  9. Make time for your parents; you don’t know how long they will be around.
  10. Travelling is one of the best things that you can do for themselves.
  11. Spend more time doing things you love.
  12. Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier.
  13. If a task will take you less than 5 minutes, do it right away.
  14. Invest in yourself and experiences, not things.
  15. Stop buying stupid shit that you will never use.
  16. Throw that shirt out that you think you might wear one day because you will find it in your closet next year unworn yet again.
  17. Listen to your mom when she tells you to wear a jacket, hat or gloves. She is always right and now you’re cold wishing you would have listened.
  18. Knowing you have things to work on yourself does not make you less of a person; admit it and work on it.
  19. Stop pretending that everything is always okay. It is okay to sometimes not be okay as long as it is not your constant mood.
  20. Don’t drink that tequila shot at the end of the night, it never works out in your favor.
  21. Don’t stay at your job any longer than you need to when you know you’ve lost passion and are not living to your potential.
  22. Everything happens for a reason and your time will come.
  23. Learn to love yourself, it is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
  24. If someone does not like you, it has nothing to do with you. Don’t let other people’s negative comments define who you are.
  25. Remember to cancel that reoccurring subscription that you said you will cancel later but never did.
  26. Stop making an effort for those people that are clearly not reciprocating; you don’t want anyone in your life that doesn’t want you.
  27. Be grateful for these things you have because it is a lot more than most people have in this world.
  28. The best is yet to come!

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

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