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There is something about Laguna Beach that has a special place in my heart. A part of that is due to the fact that it reminds me a little bit of Croatia (where I was born) and for whatever reason I just felt comfortable there. I have been to Laguna twice now and I definitely would love to make my way back there again. The first time I visited I was on my annual mother daughter trip and we were making our way down the Pacific Coast Highway and it was just a stop I wanted to make along the way. The second time was this summer with one of my friends and I stayed for two nights, so I got to spend a little more time there. Since I am basically an expert now (kidding :)), below are some of my recommendations on what to do and see when you’re in Laguna.

All things Laguna Beach

Staying in Laguna is very easy. There are plenty of places to stay along the town. The best part, at least to me is the fact that all the accomoations are smaller hotels and bed and breakfast type of places. I love staying at big resorts with a lot of amenities at times, but sometimes it is nice to feel more cozy and connected which Laguna is perfect for. I would recommend booking in advance if you are going during the summer months because that is their busy season.

There are plenty of places to grab some food in Laguna Beach. Below are some spots I’ve been to that I recommend checking out:

Urth Cafe – this was one of my favorites. I went here a few times. They have healthy options and are actually super tasty. I went for lunch and breakfast, but they also do have dinner options. This is a chain so you might see a few more of these in California. Also, they have the cutest outdoor patio, and for anyone that knows me, you know I love me a good patio.

C’est La Vie – a really nice French restaurant with a bakery. I did not eat a meal here but did get a croissant and some coffee. I would recommend grabbing some baked goods from here and then make your way around town.

Nick’s – this is a really popular spot, so you might want to consider making a reservation. I went here for breakfast and the food was amazing. Also, my favorite part was the hospitality. My mom was cold and they brought her a blanket and sometimes it is the little things like that make a place memorable.

Las Brisas – this place is a little pricey but the views are spectacular. There is a restaurant area and the patio area. I recommend the patio because of the views and the cheaper prices.

Active Culture – Natural Foods Cafe – after a hot beach day, this is the place to go for a nice smoothie or acai bowl.

Laguna Beach is not a huge town but there is still plenty to do. Since, I was only there for a short period of time, I didn’t get to do and see everything. But below are some of my suggestions on how to spend your time in this coastal town:

Beach, beach beach – there are plenty of beaches in Laguna that you can spends hours at. Make sure to check out Cresent Beach but whichever you choose you will not be disappointed.

Drive around – maybe it is just me but sometimes I love to just drive around especially in a place as beautiful as Laguna. Check out the houses in the hills and stop at the many view points to get spectacular sights of the town.

Shopping and Art – famous for it’s art scene, there are plenty of galleries to check out and local art to consume yourself in. If you love to shop, Laguna is an amazing place for it too. There are plenty of boutiques with pieces you most likely won’t find at home.

Top of the World – go see the top of the world at the Alta Laguna Park. You can also hike and bike here but make sure you are dressed and hydrated for it.

Venture out to nearby towns – ok so this isn’t necessarily something to do in Laguna but there are so many beach towns nearby that are worth checking out. If you are staying in Laguna Beach for a couple of days, take 20-30 mins and check out Newport or Huntington Beach.

If you love the west coast as much as I do and want more of a peaceful, yet beautiful experience, then Laguna is the perfect place.

Have you ever been to Laguna Beach? What are some of your favorite spots there?

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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