5 Things To Do While Visiting Dubrovnik

One of my favorite things to talk about is the homeland and believe it or not it was the first time I visited this remarkable city. Now, a lot of you might know this gem because of this one very popular show called Game of Thrones which is what brought people to flock to this city to witness what is King’s Landing. The city now has Game of Thrones walking tours and shops filled with the show’s memorabilia, but I am going too give you a bit of a run down on some things to see and do in this stunning coastal city.

5 Things to See and Do:

Visit the Old Town – now this might be a given because this one would be hard to miss when visiting Dubrovnik as it is the staple of the city. Immerse yourself within the walls of Dubrovnik and stroll through the pebbled streets. For all you game of thrones fans, take a guided tour or just make your own and walk the walls yourself. Make sure to come early, if you want to do any tours as the city does get really busy with cruise ships coming in. After all the walking, make sure to check out some restaurants and cafes. Relax, grab a drink and people watch.

View of the city – you can head over to Fort Lovrijenac to get a pretty stunning view of the city which is free of charge or if you want an even better view, take the cable car up to Mount Srd and get a panoramic view of the old town and the sea. Once you get to the top, you can relax and enjoy the view at Restaurant Panorama.
Tip: if you do not want to spend money for the cable car, you can drive to the top for free.

Head to the beach – although Dubrovnik is not my favorite place to beach in Croatia, it is still pretty and who can resist that crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Spend the day just chilling by the beach and soaking up the sun. Some beaches to check out: Dubrovnik City Beach, Bellevue Beach, Uvala Lapad Beach, or just ask a local and they can suggest a good secluded beach away from all the tourists.

Lokrum Island – I have not experienced this personally but heard it is a must when visiting Dubrovnik. I will definitely make sure to check this out next time I am in the area. Lokrum Island is across from Dubrovnik and there is a ferry that runs 2 -4 times an hour depending on the season. The ride is only about 15 minutes so you get there fairly quick. Once there, you can walk around the town, check out the botanical gardens, or just hang out at the beach and get your swim on. As far as food and drinks go, I was informed that there are not too many options, so I would definitely recommend bringing some food and drinks. Stop at a local bakery and grab some goods before heading out on your day trip.

Port from where the ferry departs

Explore outside Dubrovnik – make sure you venture out of the old town walls and explore the surrounding area. There is a lot more to Dubrovnik than just the old town. Don’t be afraid to walk around the town and explore the outskirts. Check out the neighboring towns as well. During my stay, I was in Plat which had some great spots to check out. Also, I highly recommend Cavtat. It is a coastal town perfect for beaches, strolling the harbor and checking out some historic landmarks.

Dubrovnik should be on your bucket list for sure as well as Croatia in general. It will leave you speechless and will give you a timeless experience.

Who’s been to Dubrovnik? What was your favorite part?

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

9 thoughts on “5 Things To Do While Visiting Dubrovnik

  1. Hey I noticed you’re from Croatia!

    This is pretty random, but do schools over there have school dances, like prom? And have you ever slow danced with someone before?

    1. Hi Riley, I moved to the states when I was little so I never went to any dances in Croatia. They do not have dances like the US but they usually have like one senior event they go to before graduating high school.

      1. Ah I see, it seems dances are mostly an American thing. Have you ever slow danced before, though? 🙂

      2. Sadly no. I was extremely socially awkward as a teenager and never had the courage to ask anyone to dance. #FeelsBadMan

        It looks pretty fun though!

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