A weekend in Zagreb

Croatia’s capital brings so many beautiful factors together in one place. It has beautiful architecture and so many things to do and see. It has that big city/small town feel which I always love. It is a perfect place to spend a few days in and it is beautiful in all seasons. I recently visited in late fall and the colors and vibe of the city was so fresh and colorful.

I spent a weekend there and have outlined my itinerary for those few days. Honestly a weekend is enough time to see some of the major things Zagreb has to offer and I always say that this is one city that is perfect for that. I suggest making a start in Zagreb and then making your way to Croatia’s coast to see some of the most beautiful sights your eyes will ever see (I am biased I know :))

A weekend in Zagreb

Day 1:

Stay: at the Palace Hotel
This hotel is magnificent. It is one of the oldest hotels in Zagreb dating back to 1907. You will truly get an authentic experience filled with beauty and charm. It is close to everything, so the location is perfect as well.

View from the Hotel Room

Eat: Pizzeria Zero Zero
Go for the delicious pizza and stunning views. It is close to the Trg (which is the center of Zagreb and all the hustle and bustle) and it has views of the cathedral.

Pizzeria Zero Zero

See/Do: Visit the Cathedral of Zagreb, spend the day shopping in the trg, and visit Tkalciceva Street. The Cathedral is beautiful inside and out, and it is a staple to see while in Zagreb. Go see this first thing in the morning before it gets crowded. After, make your way to the trg where you can hang around in the square and shop around. Just a friendly reminder, some places in Zagreb and Europe in general are closed on Sundays, so keep that in mind. In the evening, stroll down Tkalciceva Street. This vibrant street is filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. It was one of my favorite parts of Zagreb. Grab some coffee and people watch.

Tkalciceva Street
Tkalciceva Street

Day 2:

Eat: Head out to the many bakeries and get some delicious pastries and food. Make sure to try Pita (pie). It is a savory pie usually filled with cheese, spinach, potatoes or meat. They are delicious and a must when in the Balkans. For dinner, head over to Tkalciceva Street and try the local fare from either Ozujsko Pub Tkalca or Mali Medo. Make sure you try cevapi which is another staple meal in the Balkans. Cevapi are a grilled dish with minced meat usually prepared with a side of pita bread and onions and ajvar (vegetable spread) or kajmak (cheese spread).

Tkalciceva Street
Cevapi at Mali Medo

See/Do: Visit the Old Town and see Saint Mark’s Square. The best way to get up to the town is by the cable car. It is a maybe the quickest trip ever (30 second to minute); but I thought it was worth the trip to get to the top. On the way back I recommend walking through the Old Town so that you can visit the shops and restaurants, but you can take the cable car down as well. Once you get to the top, you will have some of the prettiest views of the city. And if you make it right at 12, you will even hear a loud boom coming from the cannon at the top of the tower. After you take in some amazing views, head over to St. Mark’s Square and you will get to witness the colorful rooftops of St. Mark’s Church.

St. Mark’s Church
Did you know that the tie originated in Croatia?

Day 3:

Eat: Grab some lunch at Trznica Dolac or the Dolac Market. It is a huge farmers market that is open everyday until 2pm, so make sure you get there on time to grab some goodies.

See/Do: After the market, head over to the many cafes and grab yourself a cappuccino and people watch. The best thing about Europe in general is that people take the time to relax and enjoy their day, so do as the Romans do. After, you can hit up some museums that Zagreb has like the Museum of Broken Relationships which is located in the Old Town by St. Mark’s Square.

If you do have more time I would also check out the Mirogoj Cemetery and the Medvednica Mountain. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to visit since I was only there for a short time and they are a little further out from the city. If some of the other options do not interest you as much or if you have more time to spend in this vibrant city, I think it would be worth checking out and making the trip as I have only heard good things.

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of an insight on what to see and do in Zagreb. It is a city full of life, so any way you choose to spend your time there, it will be time well spent.

Happy Travels – xoxo – Dre <3

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