My Favorite Travel Apps

There are so many great apps out there for your travel purposes. Some just give you amazing wanderlust, others help you book the best trip. Below are a few of my favorite travel apps:

My first point will be to mention that if you board a plane, even if it is once a year, enroll yourself in a mileage program. Not only is it free, but you are collecting miles and can get free flights for yourself down the road. It is easy to sign up and just make sure to add your number anytime booking a flight for that airline. I personally am part of American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines because those are the ones I mainly travel with. The miles do add up and I have already utilized my miles for some free trips. Most airlines have an app you can download and this way you will have all your mileage numbers handy and can check your progress.

For Wanderlust:

TripBucket – this app allows you to look at all these amazing places in the world and essentially add it to your bucket list of places you want to visit. You can search by different categories such as cities, natural wonders, adventures; just to name a few. It also helps you find more wonderful places to see and let’s you check them off your trip bucket list.


Hitlist – this app is perfect for those that are very flexible with their time. It shoots out notifications of amazing travel deals if you go on certain dates, and these deals are amazing! It also gives you options to search anywhere in the world and see what deals they have going on. You can add certain places to your list and when they find a good deal, they will push out a notification.


Been – this allows you to track where you have been. It keeps count on how many states and countries you have been to and makes you realize how many more places you need to go.


For booking good deals:

Airbnb/HomeAway – most of you have heard about this now, but this is a good way to find great housing for bigger groups and to have more of a home style experience. I usually utilize this if I am going somewhere with a big group of people because we can all be in one place and have a lot of space vs being in two or three hotel rooms. Although, this is a great option, please be aware that some cities and countries do not benefit from this service, so it is just something to think about. It raises their cost of living and makes it harder for locals to purchase homes.


Skyscanner – lets you search for good deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. You can search by destinations and see when it would be cheaper to go visit a certain place.


Skiplagged – this app is really great because it finds you the best deal to get to your destination. It looks at flights where your final destination could be a connection. For example, let’s say you want to got from Denver to Chicago, sometimes booking a trip to New York with a connection to Chicago ends up being cheaper.


Rome2Rio – this app is pretty amazing!!! It gives you easy and affordable options on travelling from city to city. It will find flight options, bus, train and even driving if applicable; and provide you with the time it would take to get there as well as the approximate cost. It literally does all the dirty work for ya.


Hopper – this is one of my favorites. This app finds the best deals on flights and notifies you when it is cheaper to fly. Add a destination and time when you want to travel and it will watch it for you and tell you when it is best to purchase.


Do you use any of these apps? What travel apps do you love?! Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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