Best Restaurants in Chicago

It is crazy how much you can discover about your own city, once you treat it as a destination to visit. There is so much you can experience and do in your own hometown that it can sometimes feel like you are on a vacation. I have lived on the outskirts of Chicago for almost 18 years now and have been to so many places, but I honestly took it for granted. When you travel, you are so concerned about seeing new things and having these different experiences that you sometimes forget that you have some amazing sights in your backyard as well.

Now, this will definitely not be my only post on Chicago, because there is just so much this beautiful city has to offer. I thought I would start out with some of my favorite restaurants. Check them out!

Amazing Restaurants In Chicago:

Beatnik – this place is so picturesque and unique. You have to go just for the design because it is stunning. The food is amazing too, but I am just obsessed with the look of this place.

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Benchmark – this place is pretty popular to go out in at night but I really enjoy their food here especially their brunch. They have a bottomless option for brunch and anything with the word bottomless is my kind of place.


Bridge House Tavern – this is a summer hot spot. It is right along side the river and you get amazing views. Perfect place to grab some food and watch the boats drive by.


Forno Rosso Randolph – everyone who knows me knows that I live for pizza and so when I find a good pizza place, you bet your booty I am going to talk about it, A LOT. This place is one of my favorites in Chicago. No, it is not deep dish, we can discuss those some other time, but it is Neapolitan style aka Italian. They only use ingredients they have in-house and that they get delivered from Italy once a week…umm yes please!!


Owen and Engine – this place gives you total hipster vibes and has a pretty great breakfast. It is a unique little spot, and they serve your coffee and tea in the cutest cups.


Mahalo – it means thank you and you will want to thank this place after the experience you have here. The place is so quirky and tropical that you will feel like you got transported to Hawaii. The drinks are super unique and delicious and the food amazing!


Zia’s Lago Vista – another amazing brunch place with delicious bloody mary’s (I love Bloody Mary’s in case you haven’t noticed by now). It is a great spot for lunch and dinner served with a fun atmosphere.


Smith & Wollensky Chicago Steakhouse – this place has views for days if you get a great table. Located right by the river as well, they have floor to ceiling glass windows where you can have gorgeous views while enjoying your meal.


Picollo Sogno – go in the summertime when the patio is open because it is absolutely stunning. The food is pretty good too but this place is really for the ambiance.

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Chicago is filled with soooo many amazing places and this will definitely not be my last post on food and things to do in Chicago, but it is a starter.

Have you ever been to any of these? Curious to see your opinions on these πŸ™‚

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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