Ways To Save Money So You Can Travel More

One of the biggest questions that I always get asked is how do you have so much money to travel and my response usually is I don’t, but I make it work. By making it work, I mean I prioritize what is important to me and what I spend my money on. I love to travel and I really want to see the world, so I will invest money in that. I did find some ways that make saving up a little easier, so that I have more money for my adventures.


Below are some tips and tricks on how to travel more that work for me.

Eat out less – it is not even funny how much money I spend on food. This is the hardest one for me, because I love going out to eat and trying out new restaurants, but the money really does add up. In order to cut down on this, start making your lunch everyday and only eat out on special occasions. Stop buying fancy coffee and make yours at home or at work if they have it. I am not saying don’t buy a Starbucks when you are really feeling it, but you do not need $5 coffee every day of the week. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but try writing down how much you spend eating out in one week and you will see how much it adds up.

Sell your stuff – you know that shirt you keep saying you are going to wear but never do and probably never will, SELL IT!! A lot of people want bargained stuff and there are so many places you can sell your stuff at too. Plato’s closet, Poshmark, Amazon, Etsy…the lost goes on and on. Selling your stuff can easily rack you up a couple of hundred bucks and there is your plane ticket for your next destination.

Side Gigs – are you good at making something? If so, open up a side business and sell it on places like Etsy. You can also babysit, or walk someones dog, join Uber or Lyft and do it twice a week. If you are looking for some extra cash but not a full commitment like a part-time job would be, then these are some perfect ways to do so.

Set money aside – start saving, not only should you be already doing that, but you can set aside some money for travel as well. Now it doesn’t have to be a lot. Set 20 bucks a week or per paycheck if it is easier for you. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but let’s say you are going on a trip in 4 months and you set 20 dollars twice a week; you will save up a total of $160 and you probably won’t even notice the money being gone. That $160 could go towards your meals on your trip or for your transportation around town.

Find good deals and be flexible – travel doesn’t always have to cost you hundreds of dollars. There are many apps and site that can provide you good deals. Watch for when the cheapest flights are to popular destinations and book then. This also requires you to be more flexible which isn’t always a convenience every one has. If you do not have that, then look for cheaper accommodations such as hostels and Airbnb. Also, research activities and things to do beforehand. Sometimes purchasing activities can be cheaper if you do it earlier and this way you can at least figure out the prices of things, so you do not get scammed later (I will also do a post for you guys on my favorite apps and where I find good deals in the near future). Another thing I do very often is take weekend trips, which helps me save up my PTO, but still let’s me see some places.


Take Vacations.
Go as many places as you can
You can always make money
You can’t always make memories

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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