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I can not even begin to express how in love I am with Tulum. I have seen a couple of Instagram pictures before heading over there and was thinking the place was beautiful. But with Instagram and any pictures in general you are usually taking pictures of the good stuff, but believe me when I tell you every single place in Tulum is absolutely magical and I am obsessed with it now.

I am sitting here writing this post and getting lost in my thoughts thinking of all the incredible places I have seen there. I decided to highlight some of my favorites and my experiences in Tulum. I am not sure if I will even be able to explain it because this is a destination that you just need to go and visit.

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Tulum is a city located about an hour and half from Cancun, so it is a bit of a drive to get here. I recommend getting a shuttle beforehand, so that you are not wasting your time trying to get one at the airport and being bombarded by all the vendors.

I had the pleasure of staying at the Kore Resort and Spa and it was a beautiful property. Stepping into the lobby, I was in complete awe and was treated to a nice drink right away. The property is beautiful and so are the rooms. At this point in time, I was already in love with Tulum and boy was I in a for a big surprise for all the other things to come.

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The resort had a lot to offer, except it did not have a beach. It has a small entrance where you could go into the water, but it was too rocky during my time there. The plus to that was that the hotel offered taxis and bike rentals, so that you can go to the main beach. They had a sister hotel there, where I got to utilize the lounge chairs for free and enjoy Playa Paraiso aka Paradise Beach!!! The beach truly was paradise; with miles of beautiful sand and clear turquoise water, it was incredible. They had plenty of hotels that also lined up the beach with amazing restaurants.

Recommended restaurant: Playa Esperanza – enjoy a drink, some fresh food, or gelato sitting right on the beach. Includes swing set for those picturesque insta shots.


Now my favorite part of Tulum was all the amazing restaurants I had the pleasure of going to. Not only are the drinks and food amazingly delicious, but the vibes of each place was magical. I definitely did not feel like I was in Mexico, instead, I felt like I was transformed to the middle of the jungle in Bali (not that I have been, but it is just what I imagine it to be like). The whole place was giving me total tree house vibes and boho feels.

My Favorites:

Posada Margheritago for the amazing dining. Not only will you be eating right on the beach but the food is amazing. Plus, they give you foccacia bread as a starter and it was mouth-watering.

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Mur Murgo for good vibes.Β This place is in the middle of it all and the perfect location to grab a drink. You can try the many delicious drinks they offer while sitting on a swing at the bar. What more could you ask for?

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Philosophy at Casa Malca – go for the art. The restaurant is right on the beach and it is inside the resort called Casa Malca. The resort used to be Pablo Escobar’s old mansion and the design of the resort is just stunning. Bring your camera, because every corner is picturesque and filled with artistic pieces. I would recommend going for breakfast and make sure to try out the pastries. Also, kind of weird suggestion, but go to the bathroom at the restaurant because the art and the whole design of it is super cool.

La Popular at NomadeΒ – go for the experience. I had dinner here while sitting on a pillow on the beach. This is something that I will never forget. The restaurant had incredible food but the ambiance and experience of it all was absolutely amazing. It is located at the Nomade Resort which is also incredibly stunning. Make sure you walk around the property as well and check out all the jungle-ness of it.

Gitanogo for the ambiance. This place is a hot spot, it is almost always packed and once you go there you can see why. The whole ambiance of the place gives you such jungle and boho vibes, it is mesmerizing. You could spend hours here and still not get enough of it. This place is good to grab drinks and meals with a bunch of your friends. Make sure to try the Mezcal.


To Do and See:

Shop till you drop in the downtown area. Bring your wallet (or maybe don’t haha) because you will want to buy everything. The stores are just as unique as every restaurant and resort I had the pleasure of seeing. They are open pretty late, so I recommend going later at night when you grab dinner.

Visit the old Mayan ruins. There are a few options to choose from. I went to go see the Coba Ruins and they were amazing. You get to scroll through what used to be the town of Coba and see their version of a basketball court. At the end of the path, you get to the climb up the 120 steps to the top and get to see an incredible view. Make sure to wear sensible shoes because the climb is no joke and can be quite dangerous.


Swim in the Cenotes. I went to one near the Coba Ruins called Tamcach-Ha and it was the best way to cool off after the hike in Coba. Make sure you get there pretty early because most likely you will run into crowds. The cenotes were something out of a fairy tale. The water was the perfect temperature and it was a relaxing, magnificent feeling. Highly recommend visiting a cenote while in Tulum.


Casa Malca is a must see. Not only had I mentioned it before under my dining recommendations, but this place is amazing to just go and see. It is a bit hard to find, I went by it a few times until I had to ask someone where it was (no wonder it was Pablo Escobar’s old mansion). The security will not just let you walk around, so tell them that you would like to go to the restaurant. The great thing about Tulum, that surprised me a lot as well was the security. I felt safe everywhere I went and could walk around and not feel too concerned for my safety. The resort is filled with art pieces and an amazing front lobby, where I might have spent at least 30 minutes having a photo shoot. It was just too incredible. The beach area is also beautiful and made me want to spend the whole day here. Definite must see!


Rent a bike and ride around town. It is easier to get around and you get to see so much. Grab a bike early in the morning and go for a ride and grab some coffee or breakfast at any of the cute little coffee shops on the way.

Go to Papaya Playa Project for the night of your life. Imagine dancing on a beach under the stars till the crack of dawn. That is what you will experience at the Papaya Playa Project. It is a night you will not forget, but it is pricey. You will have to pay a cover and depending on the night and theme, it will depend on how expensive it will be. Join their Facebook group to see the events that they have and you can even buy tickets online which will be cheaper than at the door.

Travel Tip: Bring cash beforehand. They take dollars everywhere, and sometimes charge you fees when you use a credit card. There are ATM everywhere, but they also have big ATM fees and won’t always have enough funds for you to take out the cash. Call your bank beforehand as well, because I forgot and my card got declined a few times.


This is one trip for the books and I did not expect to be in such awe with it as I am. My friend fell in love with it so much, that she plans on having her wedding there. Trust me on this, book that ticket, you will not regret it.

Happy Travels – xoxo <3 Dre

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