2018 Travel Goals and Why They Should Be Yours Too

Happy 2018!

There is just something refreshing about a new year. 365 new days…365 new chance. Although many people have all kinds of different goals, mine always have something to do with travel.

Below are 4 travel goals I want to work towards this year and why they should be yours too:

Goal One: Travel More
Now this may be an obvious one but traveling makes you grow so much more than people realize, so this isn’t just for the fun of it. It has a lot to do with you as a person. Now I can’t explain the travel bug feeling, it is just something you have to experience yourself, but trust me when I say the more you travel the more you will want to. Visiting another city or country makes you see the world in a different way. When you are stuck in the same place constantly, all you know is the few feet you see in front of you. That is why I encourage everyone to take at least one trip a year. This does not have to be some expensive luxurious trip to Bora Bora or something over the top. Drive a few hours to a town near you and sit down at a small cafe and take it all in. Just being in a different vicinity will give you a new perspective on things and opens your mind up to so much more that is out there. So my biggest goal for this year is to travel more and experience all this planet has to offer one destination at a time.


Goal Two: Save More Money
This tends to be a lot of people’s goal once the new year hits. For me it is mainly due to the fact that I want to be able to travel more, therefore, I need to save more. I always say…it is not those that have money that travel, but those that are used to it. That could not be more true in my case and I always get asked…well how do you travel so much and how can you afford it. The answer is simple…this is something I love to do, so I make it work. There are a ton of ways you can save up your money and a ton of travel tips that help you find the best deals and I will make sure to share that with you guys in a future post. But like every other normal person, I sometimes indulge too much and therefore, am really hoping to tone it down on things I truly do not need. This will in fact help me afford more travel and knowing I can travel more will motivate me to save more.

Goal Three: Photo Skills
Now I am still a very amateur photographer, but my goal for this year is to learn as much as possible and really get comfortable with shooting. Now, this may not be a necessity for all of you, but if you wish to be a travel blogger or take amazing photos; being good at shooting will go a long way. Even if you do not have a professional camera, just knowing some tips and tricks in creating great content will be beneficial if you want your travel photos to turn out stunning. Something as simple as paying attention to your surroundings can make or break a picture, but there is nothing a little editing can’t fix. Therefore, me and my camera are about to get really acquainted this year.


Goal Four: Venture Out 
This may go along with travel, but for me this really means stepping out of my comfort zone. It is one thing to just take a trip somewhere, but it is another to fully immerse yourself in one. Talk to locals, try different food, go off the beaten path, and travel solo. I have read and heard numerous times how meaningful a solo trip really is and that is why this year I am really hoping to have the courage to finally take one. So, I encourage you all to not only travel more, but really be there and take in the full experience.


What are your travel goals? Does any one relate to the ones above? Would love to hear them 🙂

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

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Just a girl living out her dreams of traveling the world.

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