One Day Getaway

Cinque Terre

Breathtaking to say the least. This five city paradise is a perfect one day destination when in Italy.


Now you definitely don’t have to limit yourself to just a day because this charming place can be explored in more than one. But if you are looking for a fun adventure, this is the perfect place to go.

The best part is that there is something for everyone and there is a train to take you through the towns, so you can choose which stops to make.

The Adventurous Type: Adventure is definitely out there. Personally my favorite part of my day trip to Cinque Terre was hiking through the adorable 5 towns. Not only do you get an awesome workout in, but the views along the way are breathtaking. And there are plenty of places to take a break along the way which make for great photo ops.


The Wanderer Type: So you like to explore and see things you don’t run into on the daily. Then strolling through the towns is the thing for you. Take a train from one town to the next and wander around through the colorful buildings and all the shops and cafes they have to offer.


The Relaxed Type: So maybe hiking isn’t your thing and walking around isn’t either. You’re the type that wants to sit and grab a bite to eat and enjoy the view for hours or spend a nice day catching some rays. No worries because there is something for you too. Restaurants with killer views and a beach that you can spend your whole day at, hit up Monterosso and get ready to relax all day.


Do you like to wander, strive for adventure AND like to relax? Cinque Terre was made for you. Start out in Riomaggiore where you will get your wander fill with the picturesque town. Then get your adventure on by hiking through the rest of the towns and don’t forget to stop and take in the views because they are magical. Once your hike is over, you will end up in Monterosso and spend the rest of your day trip chilling on the beach.

What more could you want than that?

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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