Ruins of Pompeii

An incredible sight to see for sure. Pompeii reminded me of the Colosseum in Rome. The feeling you get while walking through such history is incredible. It was hard to imagine that something that was basically in pieces was once a city and a civilization full of people. Imagining the lives of the people that spent their time in these ruins made me wonder of all the incredible stories that must have happened between these columns.

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The day spent in Pompeii was a rainy one, but also definitely an experience for the books. I spent the whole day wandering around the ruins and just picturing what these pieces of stone must have looked like back in the day.

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Pompeii is located in the region of the Amalfi Coast making it the perfect day trip getaway if you are in the area.

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A must see if you want to experience one of the most historic spots in Italy.

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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