A Taste of Maui

Food, food, food—one of my favorite subjects!

Since I love restaurants and trying out new places, I of course took note of every place I have eaten at in Maui and I had some of the best meals. I have compiled a list of good places to eat and some really delicious entrees to go with it.

1. Lahaina Pizza Co.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods, so of course I had to have pizza at least once on my vacation. Lahaina Pizza Co. had very delicious pizza. They only had deep dish pizza and living in Chicago I did not think this place even stood a chance. The pizza ended up being more of a hand tossed than the typical deep dish that you usually get, but it was still really good. They may not be up to par on Chicago’s deep dish but their pizza was more than delicious and if you’re a pizza lover like myself, you got to check this place out. Located in the heart of Lahaina’s main attraction which is filled with tons of restaurants and shops.

2. Koa’s (located in Lahaina)

This was one of my favorite spots, that I went there twice because I liked it that much. The view was just incredible and getting to watch the sunset, just made dinner that much better. Since I am a huge fan of seafood and appetizers, calamari was a must. I’ve eaten calamari at many places, as it is my go to and this was by far one of the best I ever had. They had very good pasta as well. I had the Molokai stir fry which comes with either pasta or rice. It is very, very spicy, so if you can’t handle spicy then I definitely would stay away from this meal. The atmosphere of this restaurant is by far the best part about it and what really attracted me to it in the first place.


3. Longhi’s (located in Lahaina)

I went to Longhi’s just for some coffee and desserts, therefore I can’t talk too much about the food. According to the menu and the few plates I saw the waiters carrying, I’d say it looked pretty good. They do give you this pizza bread as a starter and that was delicious! The dessert was amazing and all made in their kitchen everyday making it taste super fresh. So, you can’t go wrong with anything you choose.


4. Leilani’s

Another great experience. Leilani’s is located in Whalers Village in Kaanapali. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was incredible especially since it was located right by the beach. I started out with a Dig Me Daiquiri which tasted very tropical and was delicious. For my meal, I ordered fresh fish and the best part was that their fresh fish was only available seasonally, so you know you are getting the best. I had the Monchong miso glaze fish which was a white fish. I never had it before and figured what better place to try it out in than Maui, and it was not a disappointment at all. Of course, the best way to end a meal is getting a fix on your sweet tooth and trying the famous Hula Pie. First, it was probably one of the biggest desserts that I have had and one of the best. Made from ice cream, cookie crust and topped with whipped cream, chocolate fudge, and macadamia nuts, every bite was deliciously sweet. Although huge, there is no way you do not finish it because it is just that good.




5. Hula Grill (located Whalers Village in Kaanapali)

The nice option about this place and Leilani’s is that you have the option to eat more casual food or go for the fancy menu. For Leilani’s we obviously went for the more fancy option but for the Hula Grill, it was more of a casual menu. The Hula Grill had an outdoor patio with a great view of the ocean.  On top of that, I got to listen to some live music and dip my toes in the sand that was all over the outdoor seating area. The food was pretty good as well, I had a fish burger and the Mai Tai is a must.



And if you’re feeling something sweet, visit Ono Gelato Co. in downtown Lahaina to get some delicious gelato. Try hazelnut because that’s the best flavor EVER! (trust me on that one)

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre ❤

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