What’s better than views in Florence? Food of course!

Yes, Florence is incredibly beautiful, but the food is unbelievably delicious and one of the best parts of Italy in general. Being in Florence for a whole semester gave me the opportunity to eat a lot and by a lot I really do mean a lot (yes I did gain like 10 pounds and yes it was so worth it).

Of course I have to start with the best, not only because it is my favorite food, but what other country is more know for its pizza than Italy!?

There was not one pizza in Florence that didn’t taste good, but there are some places that are of course better than others. If you want really delicious pizza, stay clear of the touristy areas! Not that the pizza isn’t good, but it’s usually over priced and I can guarantee you that you will have better and cheaper a few steps away. So don’t hesitate and walk through those pretty cobble stoned streets and venture out to some more local finds.

I personally had the privilege to live right by one, Mr. Pizza, which I have gotten more times than I will tell you. It was cheap and open really late which made it convenient (and bad for my diet) for those long nights out when all I wanted to do was go home and indulge on some pizza.

Another place I want to emphasize is Gusta Pizza! Located on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Not only is the pizza delicious, the service was great; perks if you are with all girls (you get a heart-shaped pizza and lots of compliments).  If you make a good impression, the Gusta guys will even throw in a free bottle of wine with a cute message on it.

Feed me pizza and tell me I am pretty with a bottle of wine? I’ll take that any day πŸ™‚


I could talk about pizza all day but what is pizza without a little gelato after.  Now you can’t really go wrong with gelato and if you never had it, I’m so sorry (we need to change that asap).  Florence is loaded with gelato shops all over the place, but there is a trick on knowing which are better than others.

The smaller the stack of gelato, the better it will taste. The shops use big decorations to attract tourist and if the stack is that big that means it stays out longer during the day making it less fresh. But don’t let that defer you and make you not get any because trust me it is still delicious.

Big stacked gelato trumps no gelato all day everyday!


I also had the privilege to study abroad while a chocolate festival was going on.

What’s a chocolate festival you ask? Only what dreams are made of that’s what!! A festival that lasted for a few days that had stands and stands of chocolate. Sign me up!
For someone who has a serious addiction to chocolate, well you can see how this became a problem. It was on my way to class, so naturally I passed by it everyday….and yes I had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner but there is no room for judgment here. BYE!

Serious note, if you are looking to visit this sweet and delicious festival makes sure you make your way over to Florence in February. You can find more information on the festival here.

I know there are plenty of chocolate festivals all over the world, but it’s not secret that chocolate from Europe is a delicacy and work of art


I know what you’re thinking? What if I’m just not that hungry, but want to grab something small and share some drinks with friends?

I happy to announce the Appertivo! (which in my opinion should be offered all over the world). It starts in the late afternoon and basically it’s free food!! Yeah you read that right, FREE FOOD! But obviously there is a catch…all you have to do is buy ONE drink and then waiters set up a bunch of small appetizer style, type of food for you to enjoy. The best part is that it’s buffet style, aka unlimited food!

Check out my two favorite below:






Before I leave to go stuff my face (naturally hungry after writing this post), I need to leave you with one of my favorite things… The Secret Bakery.

Not many people have heard or know what that is (hence the name), but if you are lucky you will stumble upon one. All you have to do is just follow the delicious smell in the middle of the night.
Secret bakeries are only open late at night when the bakers come into their shop to start preparing for the day. Below are two popular ones:

Pasticceria Vinci & Bongini {Santa Croce}
Laboratoria di Pasticceria Arrighi {Pizza dell’Indipendenza/SMN Train Station}

If you do come across one make sure to go to the back door and knock and get ready for the most delicious pastries of your life. They are only a euro or two each (which is amazing) and are the most fresh pastry you will ever have in your life.

Side note: Just be careful to not be too loud because the residents that live above will throw water at you if you are…and no I’m not kidding I’ve experienced it πŸ™‚ 

So now that your mouth is probably watering, go book your trip to Florence and big your stretchy pants (you will need them). 

Don't forget to stop for some cappuccinos and enjoy the view :)
Don’t forget to stop for a cappuccino and enjoy the view πŸ™‚

Happy Travels – xoxo Dre <3

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    1. I found that to be the case as well at some places, I recommend asking the size before you purchase but I have been at Il Bigallo and they had a decent sized cappuccino. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

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